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Episode 68: Black Rock

Husband and wife team Katie Aselton and Mark Duplass give us their version of the episode of Lost where they find the boat...  Too obvious?  You may know these two from The League.  You may also know Mark as part of the "mumblecore" movement.  The movie also stars Lake Bell of Children's Hospital and Kate Bosworth of the Superman movie before this last one but after the other ones.  I wish I had sang The Darkness' song "Black Shuck" when we mentioned the title but I just thought of it right now!!!

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"I Wish I Could Be Everywhere Where People Were Doing Wishmasters" -Senator Tankerbell

I always wanted a pet genie, you know, the kind I could get to lift my boobs after I had my kid, or to make Jordan Catalano real and also my boyfriend or to just make me really good Korean tacos after a nice drunk. Unfortunately, however, my boobs look like tube socks I’ve rolled up into my bra, I can’t get a date to save my life and in order to get tacos I have to leave the house, which is why, in a moment of wistful sadness, I watched all the Wishmasters.