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Episode 64: The Den

This movie is should be called "All Those Things You Were Scared About In Chatrooms Made Real". A damning expose into the underbelly of Chatroullete. All jokes aside, it's a great flick and we're really looking forward to what Zachary Donohue makes next...

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Oh, the Horror [at E3]

Though we're not at E3 (we could easily photoshop ourselves into a picture out front of the convention center), we have been dutifully following the goings-on at the world's biggest gaming expo. We don't just know movies, and we hardly ever talk games on the podcast, so E3 is the perfect opportunity to video games.

Several significant horror titles will be rolled out either late, late this year, or sometime in 2015 (though probably later in some cases). So, in the interest of our interests, we decided to discuss the games that most intrigue us from this year's E3.

What is considered horror is changing and becoming more elastic and malleable, which probably benefits the genre. Remember when horror games consisted of Resident Evil and Silent Hill...and pretty much nothing else? You may quibble with the definition of 'horror' below, but all of the games have some bloody, horrific or exploitation vibe, so each and every one counts, in our book.