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Episode 73: Only Lovers Left Alive

We veer slightly off course of normal horror for this stylized vampire flick by Jim Jarmsuch.  You'll hear a lot of nostalgia about the 90's from Tyler but I'm there to make sure he knows it wasn't that great.  I mean, all the flannel and baggie pants...  Plus bass cannons in cars where people forgot to tighten their license plate.  The rattling!!!!

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Illiterated 1: An Audio Review of 'Jaws'

It's easy to forget that Jaws was a book before the movie, mostly because the movie was so damned good. Check out what Tyler had to say about the whole thing, from the major changes in the movie to Peter Benchley's weird discussions of race. Also, this was recorded WAAAAAY back in July, before the web site went down, so it is somewhat dated. But it's here!